SaLam k0raNg, erm akU nk bgtAw nIe..
kpd sEsiApe (Especially KPM StudEnt) yUnk xDe LeseN m0to or kEta Lagi, n K0raNg
tErpikir nAk wAt, siLa c0ntAct Sir Azizul..
Xpun tnye Aku, c0z Aku ngah ambIk skUnk..:-p
hArga ik0t pakEj StudEnt..
MEMANG MURAH..!!! Leh bAyAu Ansur2.. Ngee~
yela, kAlAu nk di bAndingkAn ngn tEmpat Len kAn??
kAlAu k0rAng ambik kt cni, lEh jimAt mAse..
xPyAh nk tngu baLik kAmp0ng bAru nk wAt.. t0l x?
0kay La, if sesiApe yUnk bErminAt..
siLa bAgi feedbAck k0rAng yer..!!!
4 FurthEr inf0mati0n, sila click kt website SSDC k!!
ade aku p0st kt bwh 2, beLah kiri k..!! TQ~

Get a simple ways to improve ur English!

  1. This is what most people would advise: read. Read anything and everything in English. You can read story books, newspapers, magazines, blogs, comics, English textbooks, instructions and ingredients on food packages, advertisements, etc. For story books, don’t force yourself to read something too difficult or something you know you won’t enjoy. Make reading fun! Read books that you ENJOY reading. I hate to read books that bore me too.
  2. Watch English movies with subtitles. This would be my favorites way of learning English. Not only do I get to have a fun time watching the movie, I’d be learning new words at the same time and knowing how to pronounce them! Usually, you can get movies with English subtitles on DVDs.
  3. Listen to English songs. Read the lyrics as you listen to the songs. Listen to your favourite songs and sing along to them.
  4. Start a blog in English. This is one way for you to practice your writing. Blog on something that you love. If you are a fan of movies, start a blog and write about your favourite movies, your favourite characters, what you think could be improved in the movie, what new movies to expect next year, etc. Besides blogging, try joining online forums, engage in online chatting and more.
  5. If you don’t want to maintain a blog, why not write to a pen pal? It’d be even more fun to have a pen pal from a different country! I used to write to other people from the US, Germany, Mexico, and even Yugoslavia. I remember feeling excited when I see letters with foreign stamps on it in my mailbox. If you don’t want to spend too much money on stamps, then get a local pen pal.
  6. Write in your diary/journal in English. This is where you can write anything in it. But if you do write something you wouldn’t want others to read, make sure you hide it somewhere safe! Or try not to write anything offensive at all in case someone does find it. You can also write about neutral stuff like the places you went that day, what you ate, who you met, what you did, etc. 
  7. Be best friends with a good English dictionary. You can use Oxford, Collins, Cambridge, etc. Buy a dictionary that you’re comfortable with and USE it at all times. Keep it next to you when you’re reading. I always put my favourite Oxford dictionary by my side when I’m reading. So when I stumble upon a word I don’t know, I don’t have to get up and look around for it. It’s right there by my side. Thus, I have no excuse for not looking the word up!
  8. Speak the language whenever you can. Speak it with friends and family. You can also sing along to English songs! Try karaoke! Don’t be shy to try speaking the language. Don’t be afraid that others will tease you. In fact, they’ll admire you for your courage and confidence.
  9. Learn a new word a day. Keep your own vocabulary notebook and write a new word and its meaning in it every day. Refer to it as often as possible so that the new words will stick in your head.
  10. You can also learn new phrases, idioms or proverbs a day. A kick in the teeth, sit on the fence, make a clean sweep, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, a man’s home is his castle, etc. When you come across a saying that you like, write it down and its meaning in your notebook!