SaLam k0raNg, erm akU nk bgtAw nIe..
kpd sEsiApe (Especially KPM StudEnt) yUnk xDe LeseN m0to or kEta Lagi, n K0raNg
tErpikir nAk wAt, siLa c0ntAct Sir Azizul..
Xpun tnye Aku, c0z Aku ngah ambIk skUnk..:-p
hArga ik0t pakEj StudEnt..
MEMANG MURAH..!!! Leh bAyAu Ansur2.. Ngee~
yela, kAlAu nk di bAndingkAn ngn tEmpat Len kAn??
kAlAu k0rAng ambik kt cni, lEh jimAt mAse..
xPyAh nk tngu baLik kAmp0ng bAru nk wAt.. t0l x?
0kay La, if sesiApe yUnk bErminAt..
siLa bAgi feedbAck k0rAng yer..!!!
4 FurthEr inf0mati0n, sila click kt website SSDC k!!
ade aku p0st kt bwh 2, beLah kiri k..!! TQ~

Magnetic Tape Storage

Magnetic tape is an external storage device that can be used for making copies of audio, video, and data. In addition to data storage. It has been used over the years to make master copies of audio recordings that would be replicated for vinyl, cassette, and more recently compact disk recording formats.It also uses a method similar to that of VCR tape for storing data.
The speed of access can be quite slow, however, when the tape is long and what you want is not near the start. So this method is used primarily for major backups of large amounts of data.
ü  used to access data in a sequential way
ü  store large amounts Magnetic tape is one form of magnetic storage of data in a variety of convenient package sizes (reels, cartridges, or cassettes)
ü  used for data collection, backup and archiving.

Magnetic tape consists of a thin film of magnetic oxide material bonded to a polyester-based strip. Tape has been more economical than disks for archival data, but that is changing as disk capacities have increased enormously. If tapes are stored for the duration, they must be periodically recopied or the tightly coiled magnetic surfaces may contaminate each other.